Wednesday, 3 April 2013

The wench pack are a group of cyberbullies and trolls that stalk

They go by the monikers of

"Jaffa" mega bitch and Tomcat follower, has a strong dislike and hatred of Alan Thomas

"Rosey" The uber Bitch of this pack, she comes to Tomcats rescue and has a hatred towards Alan Thomas, she is a wrinkled old shrew whose gnarly hands tap at the keyboard to spout forth her poisonous bile

"Campy" Simply a silly cow who has to be told what to write due to her retarded disposition

"Moeroa" Has been strangely silent recently, which is good because this gal dribbles nonsense

"StarSista" Has been banned from the forum due to being a silly cow

"NTV" The motor mouth of these bitchy gals, likes to post anything to keep her lead as the number 1 poster of dribble within the forum

"anonymousey"Thinks she is the champion of anything sexually abusive, but in reality is just an old hag who cannot reach orgasm.

and their leader "Hukildaspida" sets herself above all others as the research expert, she is the biggest bully known to stalk the forum

They are extremely vindictive and work as pack to savage comments made by unsuspecting forum members. Take care these critters bite and will not let go until they get their pound of flesh.

While not official members of the wench pack the following deserve a mention

"Sparrow" - a rambling old fish wife who hates anything to do with Alan Thomas or the forum member "keentohelp"

"mini" the cyber bully grandma who hunts alone, she also has a pathological hatred of Alan Thomas and David Butler. Mini is known to have a veracious sexual appetite and likes to talk Turkey, so gobble gobble

The two old woman or big girls blouses of the forum

"Tomcat" - scumcat to his friends, career criminal who has a cult like following from all the stupid women of the wench pack and "Blurb" the little girl of a man who is a failure in anything he touches, has to advertise for dates via twitter, this sack sack of an old crow is simply pathetic

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